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Shaped and transformed into pleasing and highly functional vessels, I work in clay.

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My store only shows a limited amount.

NEW! Gnomes are available by request. Presently, they are not online though they might be available. I am happy to show you a selection of what is available. Feel free to contact me.

The pieces I create are designed for everyday use. Crafted in Ellijay, Georgia with clay from North Carolina. Thank you Highwater Clay.

They are food safe and oven-proof. Yes, great to use from oven to table.

Many pieces never become featured on this website because the are sold from the studio. Let me know if you see something you like.



"If you have not purchased anything from Julie you are missing out. Her passion for her craft and the fun she has is evident in her work."

"Julie’s pottery is the best around. I have quite a few pieces."

"One of my favorite presents!! Thank you Bo!! Julie Brown they are FANTASTIC thank you!"

"When you walk into Julie's studio, you drop your stress at the door. Once you enter her wonderland, the peace of the studio and the beauty of Julie's creations embrace you. It's better than hours of therapy! Thank you, Julie, for creating the lovely salad bowls for me, and the extra gifts I picked up during my visit. You are a treasure!"

"Julie has an inspired gift for knowing what works best with each piece and how to bring the clay to life. Her pieces are useful as well as beautiful, and I use absolutely every piece I've purchased from her. Although they are definitely of the quality you could simply display, they are meant to be used and loved daily, and I do."

"He said his coworker almost cried, she was so surprised when she received her handmade Work in Clay Gnomes for a birthday gift. I just love being a part of the joy in giving!"

Inspired to Work in Clay

Julie Brown


I am fascinated that as a ceramic artist I am able to create something out of nothing. I am sensitive to the characteristics of clay coming from the raw ground and made into a useful product. I shape and transform them into ceramic vessels that are highly functional and pleasing to the eye.

Always inspired by nature I choose glowing hues of sunrises and sunsets, greens of rolling hills, blues of sparkling waters, purple tones of majestic mountains, and desert browns to inform my pallet. The added joy is that these treasures in clay are created to be shared with others who will complete the piece in their environment.


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